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have you suffered from the drug ketek®?

If you or someone you love took Ketek® because of a respiratory infection — only to be injured by the drug itself — then you need to put a fighter on your side! I am Ken Nunn, call me at 1-800-CALL-KEN to get the details on the settlement you deserve.

Ketek® is an antibiotic manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis to treat severe respiratory (lung and sinus) infections such as pneumonia and chronic bronchitis. The drug was originally turned down by the FDA in 2001 and 2003 due to insufficient proof that it was as safe and effective as cheaper drugs already on the market. It was eventually allowed on U.S. pharmacy shelves in 2004. Within months of its release, several patients reported severe kidney problems. Ketek® has since been linked to liver damage, liver failure and death in patients.

Ketek® has had a rocky past to say the least. In 2006 the FDA issued a Public Health Advisory warning about serious liver problems based on research that showed Ketek® was linked to 53 cases of liver failure and five deaths. In 2007, the FDA ordered Sanofi-Aventis to place a Black Box warning on Ketek®. A Black Box warning is required only when a drug’s side effects pose a significant risk of serious injury or death. Later investigations revealed that one researcher submitted fraudulent data while testing Ketek®’s safety.

When companies act negligently and allow a dangerous drug into the marketplace, it is you as the consumer who is hurt while the company rakes in profit. Negligent drug companies must be held liable for the lives they destroy. If you or a loved one has suffered kidney damage from this particular drug, hire an experienced Indiana drug injury law firm and file a Ketek® lawsuit.

Please contact me immediately. I have over 49 years of experience defending Indiana injury victims. Everyone knows if you have been hurt by a drug company you call Ken Nunn. I run an aggressive law firm that knows Indiana pharmaceutical laws. I will fight to help you get the settlement you deserve.

While financial compensation will not restore your losses, it can help take care of your medical bills and other expenses while helping you to rebuild your life. Contact me today at 1-800-CALL-KEN for a free consultation. Don’t hesitate! Put a fighter on your side.

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