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Can You Still Get Justice If the Court Drops the Charges?

Can You Still Get Justice If the Court Drops the Charges? | Wrongful Death Lawyers Indianapolis

In February we shared the unfortunate story of two young EMTs who lost their lives in a deadly accident in downtown Indianapolis. While we reflected on the how even our emergency responders aren’t immune to the consequences of wrecks, all that was originally known was that a young woman ran through a red light and broadsided an ambulance. The force of impact knocked the ambulance on its side and took the lives of the two young medics inside.

An exhaustive investigation followed in the accident’s wake and many details have now come to light. It was originally speculated that drinking and distracted driving could have played a part. Now it’s been revealed that the young driver had in fact been drinking before the accident, but her blood alcohol content (BAC) was well below the legal limit. It was also revealed that, while she had been distracted by her GPS, both vehicles were going above the speed limit at the moment of impact.

Charges have been dropped against the woman who hit an ambulance and killed two EMTs in Indianapolis.So what does all this mean when it comes to charging the woman with a crime? Well according to the Marion County prosecutor, “It all begins with nothing more than running a red light… That is not criminal recklessness under Indiana law.”

Which means the woman won’t be facing any more charges than a traffic citation for running the red light. According to her attorney “She is incredibly relieved that a thorough investigation was completed and the prosecutor believed that this was the only appropriate way to go forward.”

In Indiana, for there to be criminal recklessness there must be “conduct in plain, conscious, and unjustifiable disregard of harm that might result and the disregard involves a substantial deviation from acceptable standards of conduct.”

What do you think? Should the woman’s actions be considered reckless? Should she be facing criminal charges?

Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers

Sometimes an Indianapolis wrongful death lawsuit is necessary for a family to receive the financial compensation they need after someone they love is killed. Since a wrongful death claim is removed from criminal charges, a conviction isn’t necessary to win your case.

Get the closure your family deserves after losing your loved one in an accident. Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office and let us get started on your Indianapolis wrongful death claim today with a free legal consultation.

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