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Can Social Media Equal Trouble During Your Claim?

You may think that it is no big deal when you post statuses or upload pictures of yourself having a good time with your friends. Many people post things on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc. without giving it any thought at all. Many people think that no one important is going to see it anyway, so why should they care about what they post?

Well, what if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit? You have filed a claim because you were injured in an accident, but you are posting photos of yourself having great times with your friends. If an insurance company or their attorneys find your social media accounts, your claim can definitely be in trouble.

Indiana personal injury lawyers want you to be aware of the dangers of using social media while you are involved in a personal injury claim. Here are some things you should make an attempt to do when it comes to all of your social media accounts:

  • Do not use any of your social media accounts. This may seem hard to do, but it can be the best approach. If you think you will be tempted to look at one of your accounts, you can just disable them until the process is over.
  • If you do not want to disable your account, you can change your privacy settings to limit who is allowed to see what you post.
  • Do not talk about what happened during the accident. Do not make comments or post photos on social media.
  • Do not make comments or post statuses about how well you have been doing since the accident.
  • Tell your friends not to tag you in a status or any photos they may post.
  • Avoid adding people you do not know.

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