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Can Poorly Maintained Trucks Lead to Serious Illnesses?

Can Poorly Maintained Trucks Lead to Serious Illnesses? | Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

We’ve spent some time in previous posts discussing the potential dangers of big trucks and what you can do if you’re injured by one. There are a lot of factors that can lead to a serious truck accident like poor truck maintenance and fatigued or inadequately trained drivers, but the massive truck itself isn’t the only thing that can be dangerous – what the truck is transporting could be just as hazardous to you and your family.

This week a semi was pulled over along Interstate 74 on a routine traffic stop. It was during this stop that the police officer noticed a foul liquid leaking from the trailer. When the trailer was opened the officer found raw chicken and vegetable stored on top of one another, spoiling in the unrefrigerated conditions. The truck’s load, which was on its way to Chinese restaurants in Indy and the surrounding area, was deemed unfit for human consumption and destroyed.

Broken truck trailers are allowing food to spoil in Central Indiana.Although it’s probably not something you want to hear, this isn’t an isolated incident for Central Indiana. According to an Indiana State Police Sergeant, “We find vehicles that don’t have any refrigeration at all. We find some where the refrigeration unit is not working properly. When we’re talking summertime temperatures and food that’s not refrigerated … it’s a situation that can affect thousands of people.”

The issue had become serious enough that in previous years legislation was put into place to address the problem. Before the new laws trucking companies weren’t being held responsible for these egregious safety issues – but now they fortunately are. Currently State Police are able to quickly impound the rigs and fine the drivers that are improperly transporting perishable foods.

It’s a major health issue as serious illnesses like salmonella and listeria can result from improper food storage, and in young children and seniors these illnesses can be fatal.

Semi-Truck Injury Lawyers in Indianapolis

Some of the refrigeration units in the trucks are broken and ignored. Worse, some trucking companies try to save fuel costs by turning their trailer’s refrigeration off while on the road and then turn it back on before arriving at their destination to cool the temperature of their product back to a ‘legal’ temperature. When those shortcuts cause someone to become sick, that’s negligence, pure and simple.

If you’ve been hurt by the negligence of a trucking company, let the Indianapolis accident attorneys at the Ken Nunn Law Office take on your case. They have the experience and resources it takes to fight for the compensation you deserve from the big trucking companies and their insurance.

Contact the Ken Nunn Law Office today to start a conversation about the details of your Indianapolis truck injury claim.

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