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Cable Barriers May Be Helping Bad Wrecks From Becoming Worse

Cable Barriers May Be Helping Bad Wrecks From Becoming Worse | Indianapolis Auto Accident Lawyers

Losing control of a vehicle is one of the most terrifying things a driver will ever experience on the highway. In that moment, drivers not only become a danger to themselves, but a danger to every motorist around them as well. In the worst case scenarios, the out-of-control car crosses the median and ends up colliding with oncoming traffic.

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDoT) has previously tried to combat these ‘crossover crashes’ by installing concrete barriers in the median of divided highways, but these barriers had their own issues. While they may prevent runaway vehicles from crossing the median, the sudden impact of metal against concrete can still leave the driver and their passengers seriously injured. There’s also the chance that the vehicle will ricochet off the barrier and skid back into traffic.

INDoT has been installing cable barriers to cut down on deadly Indianapolis car accidents.But in the last few years, INDoT has been utilizing a new tool in their attempt to save lives, and the results have been promising. Instead of concrete, cable barriers are being installed along the medians of interstates and other divided highways. These three-foot-tall structures composed of steel cables attached to weak posts are believed to have reduced crossover crashes by 80% where they’ve been put into place.

They’ve also proven to be much more effective than their concrete counterparts because they both absorb the energy of an impact and entangle the vehicle, which keeps it from reentering traffic. Since 2005, 340 miles of the barriers have been installed throughout the state and 11 more miles of the cable will soon be placed along Interstate 65.

Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

INDoT will continue to put safety measures in place to lower the amount of injury accidents, but unfortunately they won’t be able to provide a 100% safeguard against negligent or careless drivers. But if you are injured in a car accident, an experienced auto accident attorney can fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

The Ken Nunn Law Office has been serving the people of Indiana for over 45 years, and when you’re injured in a car accident, we’ll serve you too. We offer free legal consultations to Indianapolis car accident victims, so contact us today to get us started on your case.

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