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Breaking Down The Damages Caused By Accidents

An accident with a commercial carrier is stressful. In order to come to a proper settlement requires thought and planning. The following list provides expenditures for the passenger car driver who has been involved in an accident with a commercial truck driver:

Medical Expenditures

The expenditures relative to the medical category covers the cost of the ambulance, visits to institutional health care providers, follow-up health visits to a qualified physician, home-type medical care and other medical-related expenses reasonably associated with the accident.

Expenditures Categorized As Pain And Suffering

The term, pain and suffering, is relative to any kind of physical pain which is a result of the accident as well as underlying anxiety and emotional stress and the stress of paying the medical bills.  Other stress under the category has to do with continual physical pain, as a result of the accident, and emotional issues which continue.

Earning Capacity Loss

In many cases, relative to an accident, an individual will lose his or her capability of earning an income. Such a loss is generally the result of an impairment.

Loss Of Earnings

A loss of wages can result due to an accident. In example of the preceding statement, an individual may be required to take time off from his or her place of employment in order to conduct follow-up visits with his or her health care provider. The health care organization needs to see the individual in order to properly treat injuries associated with the accident.

Loss Of Companionship

A person, as a result of an accident which he or she has been involved, may lose a relationship with a person near and dear to him or her. One example of a loss of companionship is that of a marriage partner.

Special-type Damages

The category special-type damages is very broad.  It covers any compensation lost, as a result of the accident, and not formally categorized under any of the above titles.

Any person, in the Indianapolis area, who has been involved in an accident with a commercial operator is encouraged to contact us for a free consultation of his or her legal rights.  Our firm of experienced Indianapolis truck accident lawyers stand ready to assure the individual who has been involved in an accident with a commercial operator that he or she will receive a settlement that is equitable.

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