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Big Trucks Make For Big Accidents

The scene of last weekend’s accident on Interstate 70 was beyond chaotic. Traffic was at a standstill, a fire raged out of control, and a life was lost. At the center of it all was a tractor trailer. As personal injury lawyers in Indianapolis, we speak a lot about the dangers of big trucks, but sometimes words just aren’t enough. The images of this fiery accident show the truly devastating effects these wrecks can have.

It took place last Friday as a truck driver was heading down I-70 with a trailer full of paper products. According to him he heard a loud popping noise before his trailer came loose and start swinging side-to-side violently. He would soon lose control of the rig and slam into a concrete barrier. Things would still get much worse, though.

The truck caught fire and the blaze was quickly out of control. Bystanders rushed to the scene of the crash and managed to pull the driver out. Unfortunately, there was someone else inside that couldn’t be rescued. The driver’s passenger would ultimately lose her life in the fire.

It took nearly an hour for the Indianapolis Fire Department to get the flames under control. Traffic congestion and a lack of hydrants made their work that much more difficult. Unlike fires that start in smaller passenger cars, big truck fires are always much harder to contain. They carry much more fuel and are often hauling flammable cargo that can feed the flames for hours.

Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorneys Are Here To Help

Anyone that has been involved in a big truck accident knows how destructive they can be. You could be left with injuries that could plague you for a lifetime and a pile of medical bills that could plague you for just as long. The Ken Nunn Law Office hold trucking companies responsible for their negligence and fight to get you fairly compensated. Let’s work together to get your life back on track. Contact The Ken Nunn Law Office today.

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