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Recent Big Truck Accident Shows How Destructive They Can Truly Be

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Last weekend a large scale accident occurred on I-75 when a semi-truck swerved across multiple lanes of traffic.  It was a reminder of just how much destruction can follow a big truck accident.  At the end of it, six people had to be taken to nearby hospitals to be treated for injuries.

It’s all started when a semi-truck driver swerved to avoid another accident and ended up causing more himself.  One driver saw the tractor trailer swerving and attempted to get out of the way.  Unfortunately they overcompensated and were forced over the edge of a bridge and crashed on a lower deck. Fortunately they survived thanks in part to a quick-thinking witness who smashed a window to help pull them out of their vehicle.  The occupants in the car did suffer from a range of injuries including cuts that needed stitches and even a fractured pelvis.

The bridge itself may be a dangerous area.   According to a professional truck driver it was an accident waiting to happen. “The confined space across the bridge, the narrowness of the lanes… probably about an 8” on a 1-to-10 scale in terms of danger.”

There is talk that the bridge may be replaced in the future as it has been called “more dangerous than a burning building.”  Until then it’s being stressed to motorists that they be extra careful in the area, especially when it comes to following distance as that could be the difference in being able to avoid an accident and begin involved in one.  This is especially true when it comes to following a tractor trailer.

Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

You can’t always count on truck drivers to do the right thing.  You have to prepare for them to be unpredictable because when they cause an accident the destruction can be that much greater.  If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident contact the Indianapolis truck accident lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office for a free review of your case.


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