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Big Truck Accident Devastates Several Families

Big Truck Accident Devastates Several Families | Indianapolis Truck Accident Lawyers

How many times have we all left home and just assumed that we were going to make it to our destination and successfully returned home as planned? I suspect that we all do it several times a day. Whether we go out for pleasure or business, we all use the same roadways and as a result we share in the same risks. On Sunday, near Terre Haute, a truck driver had a breakdown and apparently was just making contact with the tow truck/service vehicle when a perfect storm of events took place.

As the traffic slowed to make room for the disabled vehicles (including the 18 wheeler), another large commercial truck suffered what appears to be a mechanical/operational mishap. During the lane change the commercial truck rear ended another smaller personal pick-up which in turn hit another passenger truck. Then, all vehicles proceeded to hit the original 18 wheeler.

A multiple car pile-up in Indianapolis was caused by an out-of-control big truck.How many times have we all passed a commercial truck on the highway and how many times have we noted that if an accident were to happen right then… well, that would just be awful?

The tragedy that occurred Sunday left the driver of one of the passenger trucks deceased and her passenger rushed to the hospital for a variety of severe injuries. Both the driver and the passenger of the other small truck were also both taken to the hospital with ‘life-threatening’ injuries. Of course both of the drivers of the large commercial trucks were also impacted by being a part of a multiple-vehicle accident with death resulting.

“What Will Happen After the Truck Accident in Indianapolis?”

All questions will be looked at. The authorities have already stated that drug and alcohol testing has been conducted and that they are awaiting the results. You see, even when the families have suffered and lost so much there are other layers to accidents including determining fault, working with insurance companies, and answering lots of questions from medical personnel to legal system authorities.

Big Truck Accident Attorneys in Indianapolis

Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families and individuals affected by this weekend’s terrible truck accident. We hope for a swift recovery to the injured and solace and peace to the family of the deceased.

We here at the Ken Nunn Law Office remind you that none of us are immune from the unforeseen.  We urge you that if you are involved in a commercial truck accident or any other sort of auto accident in the great state of Indiana to contact us in order to begin a comprehensive evaluation of your needs.

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