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Bicyclist Suffers Injuries After Run-In with Reckless Driver

All of the sudden I saw a blue car flying at me and didn’t have time to do anything.”  That’s how a bicyclist described the moment right before she was struck by an SUV.  She found herself at the wrong place at the wrong time – directly in the path of a reckless driver who was trying desperately to flee from police.

Last month the woman was riding her bike along the sidewalk in downtown Indianapolis while a young man sped toward her in a stolen SUV.  The man smashed the vehicle into another car, which was then forced into the cyclist.  The bike rider found herself pinned under the car by her foot.

Nearly a month later and it’s still difficult for the woman to stand.  She’s also suffering from serious back pain and chronic headaches. Her life has likely been changed forever, but she’s lucky to still be alive at all.  It will certainly have an effect on her quality of life as she’s made the decision to no longer ride her bike.

That decision is also due to the fact that this wasn’t her first run-in with a vehicle.  She was hit while riding her bike several years ago in Arizona, leaving a scar on her head.  She describes the two incidents simply as ‘bad luck.’  As injury lawyers in Indianapolis, we see it as a serious issue with motorists not taking the proper precautions around bicyclists.

Will the man who caused her injuries be held accountable?  He’s certainly not making it easy as he’s already pleaded not guilty in an initial hearing.

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Bicyclists, like the woman in the story, deserve justice after having run-ins with reckless drivers.  These injuries can affect a person forever and the injured shouldn’t be held financially responsible.  The Ken Nunn Law Office fights to get injured Hoosiers the compensation they deserve for their injuries.  To find out how our Indianapolis injury lawyers can help you, contact us today.

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