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Auto Accident Attorney Ken Nunn cautions drivers about construction zones

Construction zones are a common headache on the road. They’re also a potential safety hazard for both vehicle occupants and construction workers. Data from the Federal Highway Administration shows that in 2010 there were over 87,000 work zone accidents in the US; a small fraction were fatal, while roughly 30% involved injury and 69% involved only property damage.

Although drivers are expected to slow down and follow appropriate construction zone signage, they sometimes neglect to do so. As seen in a recent accident on I-70, the lack of care could prove devastating.

According to Indiana State Police, the accident occurred when the driver of a tractor-trailer neglected to slow down in a construction zone. He wound up crashing into another large truck, which then collided with another vehicle. He passed away, while two other people involved in the accident were injured.

When driving through a construction zone, you may be stuck in a traffic bottleneck. There’s usually less space between vehicles and between your vehicle and roadside obstacles. You and the other drivers are more likely to become impatient or frustrated. At nights, you may not clearly see what’s going on.

It’s critical that you slow down while passing through a construction zone. Be sure to eliminate distractions such as cell phone use. Pay close attention to what’s going on, as you may need to react quickly. The most common kind of collision in a construction zone is a rear-end crash, which often happens when the car ahead brakes (sometimes quite suddenly) while the car behind it doesn’t stop quickly enough. It can take only a few moments of inattention to miss important signage or ignore the fact that traffic has come to a stop.

The best way to take care of yourself is to try to stay safe and prevent accidents to begin with. However, once an accident has occurred, one of the best decisions you can make if you live in Indiana is to contact experienced auto accident attorney Ken Nunn. He will fight for the compensation you deserve to deal with medical bills and other costs after the crash, helping you focus on coping and recovering.

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