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Have You Been Exposed to the Weedkiller Round-Up®, then Suffered Harmful Side Effects?

What's Your Case Really Worth?

If you or a loved one were diagnosed with blood cancer after using Round-Up®, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your losses. Call Ken Nunn now to schedule your free case evaluation. Claims against Round-Up® and Monsanto are time sensitive. Don’t wait. Call us right away at 1-800-CALL-KEN to protect your rights.

What Makes Round-Up® So Dangerous?

Round-Up® uses several ingredients, including glyphosate and polyethoxylated tallowamine (known as POEA), that have been linked to the development of cancer for more than 30 years. Researchers also believe that exposure to Round-Up® may also cause problems for unborn babies and pregnant women such as hormone production issues, abnormal birth weight, and miscarriages.

Round-Up® is used on more than 100,000 family properties and farms each year. Studies have shown that POEA and glyphosate work together on cells (plant and human) in a unique way. POEA is made from animal fat. Its goal is to open the cells. This allows the glyphosate and Round-Up®’s proprietary ingredients to enter into those cells. In weeds, this makes the plant die faster. In humans, this has caused the development of cancer and harm to pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Dangerous for Decades

Plaintiffs of Round-Up lawsuits argue that Monsanto, the manufacturer of Round-Up®, has known about the cancer risk for more than 30 years and continued to advertise their product as safe and practically non-toxic to people and animals, including birds and fish. However, litigation documents include falsified data that was used to mislead the government and the public to believe that their product was safe.

If you developed Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, leukemia, B-cell lymphoma, or multiple myeloma, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and receive financial compensation for your past, current, and future medical needs. It may also include money for lost wages, disability, pain and suffering, and even wrongful death. If you work on a farm, in a green house, a garden center, or if you are in the landscaping business, you may be at higher risk than the general population because of your high exposure levels. Exposure doesn’t just mean ingesting Round-Up®. Exposure can be through skin contact, such as getting it on your hands or arms, and inhalation.

Have Ken Nunn on Your Side!

You can’t take on Monsanto alone. If your baby was born with serious defects, if you miscarried, or if you were diagnosed with a blood cancer after being exposed to Round-Up®, call Ken Nunn now. Ken Nunn, The Indiana Injury Lawyer, has devoted his professional practice to helping people who are hurt by big companies get what they deserve. An aggressive drug injury lawyer, Ken Nunn is experienced and ready to help you with your claim. Call 1-800-CALL-KEN now or use our contact form. Don’t wait – Round-Up® claims are time sensitive. There’s no obligation to call or to schedule a free case evaluation.