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Are Semi’s Underride Guards Enough to Save Lives in a Wreck?

If you’ve ever looked below the back of an 18-wheeler’s trailer, you’ve probably noticed underride guards.  These metal barriers are there to keep smaller vehicles from sliding underneath in the event of a crash.  In theory, these guards would help prevent fatal accidents, but the truth is the safety of many of these guards is shockingly inadequate.

Just last week, a man from Whiteland lost his life when he hit the back of a semi and the guards failed.  The horrible accident has many thinking about underride guards and what could be done to make them safer.  Federal standards simply might not be enough because in higher speed crashes, the guards will almost certainly fail.

It’s a serious issue.  In 2011 alone, 260 motorists were killed in rear-end collisions with a tractor trailer.   Could stronger bumpers save lives?  Possibly.  The need for stronger bumpers might not even be at the root of the problem, however, because many trucks aren’t even adhering to the current standards that are in place.  In a three-year span, over 60 truck drivers have received citations for having poorly maintained guards that are broken, bent, or barely held together with bungee cords.  This disregard is putting motorists in jeopardy.

Current underride laws don’t even make it necessary for semi-trucks to have guards on the side of their trailers.  Motorists running into the side of a tractor trailer that pulled in front of them are still at risk of serious head and neck injury or death without these guards in place.  It is time for trucking companies to take a good hard look at safety.

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The Indianapolis truck accident lawyers at the Ken Nunn Law Office can keep the trucking companies in check if they’re the cause of your wreck.  If you’ve been hurt by a big truck in Indiana, you have a friend at the Ken Nunn Law Office.  All you have to do is contact us for a FREE review of your Indianapolis truck accident claim.

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