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Family Offers ‘Mercy’ if the Hit-and-Run Driver Will Come Forward

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A deadly hit-and-run is one of the most troubling accidents a family will ever have to face. Not only are they dealing with the tragic loss of someone they love, but they don’t even know the identity of the person that has turned their life upside-down. What would you do if you had a loved one killed in a hit-and-run? What thoughts would go through your head? If you were angry, enraged, desperate to see the person that killed your loved one brought to justice, you’d have every right.

But an Indianapolis family that lost a loved in a horrific hit-and-run is taking a different approach. They are offering to ‘have mercy’ if the driver will come forward. They simply want closure to this nightmare situation. Their family member was riding his bike along North Emerson Avenue when he was struck from behind by an SUV. The bicyclist was left on the road while the vehicle sped off. He would later pass away from his injuries after police found him and rushed him to the hospital.

The man’s surviving family has taken a remarkable stance. They aren’t seeking revenge or retribution, but no one would blame them if they were. Instead, they’re actually praying for the hit-and-run driver. “We’re hoping that they know that they are in our prayers and we have mercy on them.” Hopefully their gracious gesture will spur the guilty party to come forward because at the very least the family deserves the chance to confront the person that changed their lives forever.

Indianapolis Wrongful Death Lawyers

Accidents come in many forms, but so does justice. Losing a loved in an accident isn’t just an overwhelming emotional burden; it can be overwhelming financially as well. A surviving family can be left struggling to find ways to pay for the deceased’s medical bills and funeral costs. They may also find it more difficult to make ends meet now that they’ll no longer be receiving financial support from the family member that was killed.

A successful wrongful death claim may be able to help your family through this incredibly troubling time, and the Ken Nunn Law Office wants to help. We don’t want your family to have to struggle financially after suffering such a tragic loss. Let us fight to get your family the compensation you deserve.

We can get started on your Indianapolis wrongful death claim right away with a free case review. So contact us today.

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