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Stay safe on the road this Halloween

Safety tips for Halloween

Halloween is a fun holiday, but it’s also important to remind ourselves of the road risks it poses, particularly to pedestrians. As reported by Safe Kids Worldwide, children are twice as likely to get into fatal pedestrian/vehicular accidents on Halloween than on any other day of the year. The danger also extends beyond kids to adults as well, whether they’re accompanying children who are trick-or-treating or just going out on their own to a party.


If you’re walking around on Halloween, particularly after sundown, here are some safety tips:

Opt for well-lit areas.

Try to walk in places that have sidewalks or lanes for pedestrians; this unfortunately isn’t always possible, and if that’s the case, make sure you aren’t drifting out into the road as you walk. Walk facing traffic and take care when approaching a bend in the road where you can’t see approaching vehicles.

If your costume is dark, use a reflector of some kind to make sure you stand out more.

When walking, don’t wear masks or other costume parts that could block your vision or impede your mobility.

Get into the habit of looking both ways, not only when crossing the street, but also when passing by people’s driveways. When you cross the street, do so at an intersection; don’t step onto the street from a concealed location, such as shrubbery or between parked cars, where drivers won’t be able to note your presence.


When out in the road on Halloween, keep in mind that even earlier in the afternoon or evening there are likely to be more pedestrians, especially younger kids who aren’t allowed out late. To lower the chances of an accident, here’s some advice:

Drive more slowly.

Take care to look around, not just at intersections, in case someone suddenly darts out onto the street. When you’re pulling into your driveway, make sure there isn’t anyone crossing it; having a well-lit driveway helps.

Make sure you’ve got your headlights on. Not only will this help you see better, it will also make you more visible to people who are walking around on the street.

Limit distractions, including cell phone use.

Of course, don’t drive while intoxicated, and if you’re in costume, be sure you aren’t wearing anything that impedes your ability to drive.

In the aftermath of an accident, reach out to Indianapolis accident lawyers to review what happened and address your concerns. Hopefully though you’ll enjoy a safe holiday. Following these safety tips will reduce the chances of you or a loved one getting into an accident on the road, whether as a pedestrian or a driver.

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