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A Derailment on the Westside Similar to One Five Years Ago

A Derailment on the Westside Similar to One Five Years Ago | Indianapolis Accident Attorneys

It wasn’t long ago that we were discussing a tragic and fatal train accident in Farmland that took the lives of two teens. It reminded us that the dangers of railroads and that the trains that travel on them are often overlooked but shouldn’t be underestimated. Often these dangers come from poorly marked crossings or crossings with malfunctioning warnings or no warnings at all. But poorly maintained tracks can also cause the large-scale train disasters – derailments.

An 18-car derailment occurred on Indy’s Far Westside on Wednesday between Girls School and Bridgeport roads. The derailment was caused by bent rails, but fortunately the train didn’t overturn or spill hazardous materials. The Wayne Township Fire Department responded to the wreck site, but found no one to be injured and turned the investigation over to railroad representatives, CSX.

Derailments are a serious type of train accident in Indianapolis.It’s isn’t the first time CSX was in the hotseat for a derailment in the area. Five years ago another CSX train came off the tracks in nearly the same spot after the train’s brakes weren’t properly released and broke loose, causing the train to slam into another locomotive. In that instance, the Health Department had to be brought in to check for groundwater contamination after the damaged train leaked oil and fertilizer. After the incident the company began having one worker whose job was specifically to release the brakes on outbound trains.

Last year there were a total of 46 train accidents in Indiana that did not involved other vehicles, and of those 46, 31 were derailments.

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