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Crazy Event Reminds Us To Always Remember Common Sense

On the afternoon of January 25, a pedestrian was hit on I-465 Southbound. The situation is quite unique in that the man had stopped his vehicle on the shoulder of the road and had proceeded to strip as he walked down the roadway. By the time the man walked into traffic and was hit, he was naked. The man is believed to have acted under the influence of drugs and will be charged with both public intoxication and indecent exposure. As a pedestrian, it is probably common sense to keep your clothes on, but there are other things you might be doing which could put you in danger.

Be A Sober Pedestrian

Drinking alcohol or doing drugs could cause you to act irrationally. You might not pay as much attention as you are crossing the street. You might find yourself trying to weave between traffic or otherwise putting your life at risk. You may even fall over while walking. While not driving after drinking alcohol or taking drugs (even some legal prescription drugs) is often emphasized, there is less emphasis put on being a sober pedestrian.

Look Where You Are Going

Talking on a cell phone or texting a friend while walking can cause a distraction. You might walk right in front of a vehicle without thinking about it. No matter what you are doing while walking, pay attention to traffic. Always look to be sure there are no vehicles coming, and never assume a vehicle will stop for you.

Stay On The Sidewalks Or To The Side Of The Road

Never walk down the middle of the road, particularly on a busy roadway. When walking along the side of the road, walk on the left side of the road, toward traffic.

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