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100mph Race to the Altar Puts Groom in Jail

100mph Race to the Altar Puts Groom in Jail | Indianapolis Injury Lawyers

Most of us are probably guilty of speeding every once in awhile, and we probably have a million excuses for why we were in such a rush. But one Indiana man, whose story has been getting a bit of national attention, may have had the best excuse of all – he was late for his own wedding. Whether the excuse was a good one or not, it didn’t save him from landing himself in jail.

A groom drove 100mph to get to his wedding on time, but got arrested instead.The 23-year-old, husband-to-be was arrested over the weekend. He was running late to his wedding and decided that driving at 100mph just might get him there on time. Officers were soon following him as he blazed toward the church. Once he made it to the chapel and jumped out of his vehicle, he didn’t even make it to the aisle before he was captured by police.

The groom told authorities that he was honking his horn and using his emergency flashers in an attempt to alert other drivers but that didn’t keep him out of trouble. The young man had already only been out of jail for 24 hours when he was arrested for his 100mph race to the altar, and he was promptly taken back. Ultimately, he missed the wedding.

Whatever the reason, and yours probably isn’t even as good as the young groom’s, speeding is illegal, dangerous, and one of the leading causes of car accidents in Indiana. So take your time and be safe, because nothing’s worth the price of an accident.

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