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No Fee Until You Are Paid

“There’s never a fee until I get money for you.  If I fail to get money for you…you do not owe me anything!  Nothing at all! Because we don’t get paid until you get paid, we will fight hard to win your case.  Winning isn’t luck…it’s knowing how to fight and I fight to win.”

Our “No Hidden Attorney’s Fees” Will Benefit You In Many Ways…

Some law offices charge additional attorney’s fees as follows:

1. 24% interest on expenses advancedWE DON’T!

2. Increased attorney’s fees if a lawsuit is filedWE DON’T!

3. Increased attorney’s fees if you go to jury trialWE DON’T!

4. Increased attorney’s fees for reduction of medical liensWE DON’T!

5. Increased attorney’s fees for Medicare reductionsWE DON’T!

6. Increased attorney’s fees for car damageWE DON’T!

7. Increased attorney’s fees if there is an appealWE DON’T!

8. Increased attorney’s fees for court approval of settlementWE DON’T!

9. Increased attorney’s fees for each phone callWE DON’T!

10. Some law offices want money up frontWE DON’T!

11. Some law offices want you to pay expenses as they are incurred each monthWE DON’T!

(We wait until the end of the case. Reimbursement comes out of settlement in most cases.)


Secure & Confidential


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Ken Nunn Law Office

If you or a loved one has suffered from any accident in Indiana, please call the Ken Nunn Law Office.

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