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Will Work Zone Awareness Week Help Decrease Deadly Accidents On Indiana Highways?

March 26, 2015

There’s no motorist in Indiana that isn’t familiar with highway work zones. To many they can be an annoyance, something slowing you down on your way to work or to school. But for the men and women who are working in these zones, they are very dangerous, a place where on any given day an accident could change their life forever. That’s what makes Work Zone Awareness Week so important.


Guardrail Controversy: Are These “Life-Savers” More Dangerous Than We Think?

March 18, 2015

Guardrails are put into place for a very specific purpose: to keep a bad accident from becoming even worse. But what if guardrails are actually linked to deaths and serious injuries? Many believe that guardrails that are installed around Indianapolis are actually more dangerous than they are helpful, and they are even filing lawsuits to stop their installation.


Parasailing Accident Involving Indiana Teens Results In Settlement

March 4, 2015

In July of 2013, two teens from Indiana were in Panama City looking for fun on the ocean during spring break. To take advantage of the warm waters and clear skies, the girls decided to go parasailing, but negligence on behalf of the parasailing company would nearly take the girls’ lives. It seems like they may be finally getting the compensation they deserve, however.


Whiteout Conditions Lead to Multiple Accidents Throughout Indiana

February 18, 2015

Indiana drivers were greeted by an ominous wall of white while they were driving last weekend.   A “whiteout” left their visibility at nearly zero, and as car accident lawyers in Indianapolis, we know that’s a recipe for disaster… and this occasion was no exception. On Saturday, snow was being blown across roads at over 40mph, completely blotting out drivers’ views.


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